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About Daisy Chain
We are members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance, which has over 40 years experience, and through its membership we are constantly in touch with new thinking in the field of child education and care.

We were visited by OFSTED on 9th March 2011 and were judged to be OUTSTANDING.

With the support of the Wiltshire Early Years Team, staff receive regular, up-to-date training in all areas of skills and knowledge. All staff are trained in first-aid and child protection. The fees per hour are £3.71 for 3 and 4 year olds and £4.34 for 2 year olds, payable on the day or in advance, this will still be payable should your child be absent for any reason.

Funding is available for all ages – please ask each child’s attendance at the group is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees.

We will provide milk and a snack during the session but you are welcome to bring a drink of your own. Toys brought into the Pre-School must be at the parents/carers risk. If your child has to take medication i.e. allergies/asthma, please bring the medication with you and sign the medication book, giving consent for staff to be able to administer it if needed.

Please let us know details of all persons collecting your child, it is especially important if this changes for any reason on any session.


The regular staff in the group are:

          Sarah Fox Playleader & Key person
          BA Honours Degree in Early Years Education

          Sharon Jones Deputy, Keyperson & Senco
          NVQ 4 modules: Supporting vulnerable young people and their families
                                     Being a Special Educational Needs Co ordinator
          Sharon Mcguire Key Person
          NVQ 3
          NVQ4 modules: Supporting vulnerable young people and their families
                                   Being creative

          Norma Davies Keyperson
          Cert in preschool practice
          Jacqui Rose Keyperson
          NVQ 2

          Sarah Smith Keyperson
           NVQ 3
          Pam Maskell Keyworker
          NVQ  2

Our activities are carefully planned on a weekly basis to reflect the children's current interests and play themes, always building and extending previous learning and development.
Our activities are influenced by the children.If they show a particular interest or developmental need this is taken into account in the following weeks planning.

 Induction days for new children only. Tues 2nd Sept. and Wed 3rd Sept 2014
Term 1     4th Sept - 23 Oct
Term 2     3rd Nov
Term 3     5th Jan - 13 Feb
Term 4     23rd Feb - 17th March     
Term 5    13th April -22nd May      May 4th is the May Day holiday
Term 6     June 1st - 23rd July
New School year begins on 1st Sept.     

Certain multi-cultural festivals are also celebrated at pre-school. If there are any particular to your faith, we will certainly include them in our curriculum.

Monday to Thursday 9.am -12 noon , 12 noon - 3pm
 Friday 9am -12noon
Children may stay for  whole days or part days

Children staying for the whole day or attending the 12-3pm sessions will need to bring their own packed lunch.
Suggested contents for lunch boxes ; Sandwiches (1 slice of bread is probably enough), vegetables, fruit, yoghurt, cereal bar or cake. We ask that sweets and chocolates are not included in your child's lunch box. Children are asked to eat their sandwiches, vegetables and fruit before having their sweet items. We will provide milk or water or you may provide your own juice.

Children may be able attend from age 2 after prior discussion with the play leader and depending on numbers and ratios.

Contact details: any enquiries please to Sarah Fox – 01373 858762 or during Pre-School hours ring 07890 864347